Atlanta’s Adult Swim features ‘Bosom Buddies’ re-enactment w/ Tom Hanks, Billy Joel cameos

Atlanta-based Adult Swim has attempted to create “The Greatest Event in Television History” – three times.

First up, Adam Scott and Jon Hamm re-created the opening credits to “Simon & Simon.” Then Amy Poehler joined Scott for the opening credits to “Hart to Hart.” Last year, Scott paid homage to Ted Knight’s classic 1980s sitcom “Too Close for Comfort.”

But now, they’ve gone even bigger. Oh, yes: Adult Swim has redone the opening credits to “Bosom Buddies,” that wacky early 1980s sitcom where two dudes dressed up as ladies in order to live in an apartment they can afford. Or something like that.

Better yet, the “making of” documentary preceding the re-creation is hosted again by “Survivor” man Jeff Probst and features tubular cameos by the likes of Tom Hanks (you know, the dude who was in the original “Bosom Buddies”) and Billy Joel, whose song “My Life” was part of the original opening credits – though not his voice. Those credits, by the way, ran almost two minutes long. On most TV shows today, TV credits might last 10 seconds. Those were the days!

Behold  the magic, which debuted on Adult Swim at midnight late Thursday night  – or early Friday morning, depending on your preference.”

Here’s the side-by-side comparison:

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