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Traffic jam woes in Atlanta post-storm compared to ‘The Walking Dead’

The comparisons showed up on Facebook and Twitter almost immediately after the traffic jams began: the winter storm mess we’ve experienced Tuesday into Wednesday resembles the zombie apocalypse featured on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” – minus the zombies, I hope.

The popular drama, shot now mostly in Senoia, returns for the second half of season four Feb. 9.

Here are a few recent Tweets with attached photos:

Indeed, the way cars were strewn about on highways after commuters abandoned them were similar to scenes on the show, now in its fourth season. Here’s a sample from season two:

"The Walking Dead' highway scene from season two. CREDIT: AMC

“The Walking Dead’ highway scene from season two. CREDIT: AMC

And here’s a shot from

Snow jam Atlanta 2014!

Snow jam Atlanta 2014!

And there was the famous “Walking Dead” promo poster from season one:

And someone being quite sarcastic here...

And someone being quite sarcastic here…

More examples here.

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