‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap (‘Twirling With the Enemy’): season 6, episode 16

NeNe keeps on causing trouble and drama. CREDIT: Bravo

NeNe keeps on causing trouble and drama. CREDIT: Bravo

Marlo Hampton has managed to wedge her way back into the show as a recurring character. During season 4, she tried to be what Kenya Moore became season 5: a protagonist.

Instead, Marlo was just plain aggravating. The producers didn’t give her a full-time gig.

But after she more or less disappeared season five, she’s found her way back. First, she had been friends with NeNe and was part of NeNe’s spinoff wedding show.

Now she’s become friends with Kenya. And as Kandi Burruss explained, NeNe is a bit territorial about her friends.

The other housewives first notice the burgeoning friendship at Cynthia Bailey’s 53rd birthday party for her husband Peter Thomas.

Marlo ostensibly wants to smooth things out between NeNe and Kenya after the messy Saving our Daughters fundraiser Kenya held the previous week where NeNe acted out because she wasn’t invited personally.

But Kenya moves in and talks to NeNe directly. “I hear you’re so angry and I just wanted to do something nice for you,” she said.

NeNe decides to listen –  sort of. She tells Kenya she wanted to be asked to the event. Plus, she feels Kenya didn’t take responsibility for her own actions from the pajama party.. “I feel like I was bullied” into coming, NeNe says.

“That’s a bit harsh,” Kenya says. She then apologizes and they hug. But NeNe is not really feeling it.

“You show me your hand once, I don’t sit around waiting for you to show it twice,” NeNe told the cameras later.

NeNe notices Marlo and Kenya are buddying up and looks upset. “I don’t have time for it,” she said. So she leaves early.

She later tells Porsha Williams she considers Marlo an “opportunist.”

Later, at Cynthia’s adult version of field day called “Bailey Bowl.” Derek J is one of the referees. Kandi shows up late, much to NeNe’s annoyance.

When Kandi arrives, she has brings in athletes, including a pro wrestler and a pro basketball player. NeNe is again annoyed when she sees Marlo arrive to help out Team Twirl, Kenya’s team. “Her loss is my gain,” Kenya says.

During the first event featuring eggs, NeNe calls out cheaters and wins.

Marlo tells NeNe that she is going to pay for not inviting her on NeNe’s team.

Then Kandi complains in the sack/hula hoop race that other cheated.

Kenya approaches NeNe and NeNe walks away. “Get the f*** away from me b****,” NeNe says. She then throws a water bottle.

Marlo goes after her and calls her “insecure.” She chases NeNe around as NeNe keeps on avoiding her.

“You don’t know what a friend is b****!” Marlo yells at her.

“Don’t try me like that!” NeNe later says. She leaves. “I’m the kind of person you can take advantage of,” she adds later.

Marlo starts crying.

So much for field day!


In other storylines, Porsha seeks out NeNe for advice in her upcoming role in Kandi’s play.

And Kenya is thinking of putting a trip to Mexico together with all the ladies. It’s a couples trip but she doesn’t bring her African prince. She brings Miss Lawrence.

Phaedra Parks basically took the week off, though she did show up at Cynthia’s “Bailey Bowl” – minus Apollo.


Marlo is still peeved about what happened. Kordell shows up. The ladies take a trip to Mexico. Apollo talks with Kenya and Phaedra is not pleased. Then Peter and Gregg go at it.


The show last week drew 4.07 million viewers, more than the 3.8 million average to date.

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