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Rodney Ho

Mo Ivory off the Ryan Cameron morning show

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Mo Ivory is off the air on V-103. CREDIT: publicity photo

Mo Ivory is off the air on V-103. CREDIT: publicity photo

Eight months ago, V-103 morning host Ryan Cameron added two new elements to his show, presumably on a permanent basis: Kendra G and Mo Ivory.

Kendra G, along with original host Crash Clark, were axed in December. (Crash is now a traffic reporter on 11 Alive.) The latest shoe to drop: Mo Ivory is out, too.

She was not on Monday’s show. And a link to her page has been scrubbed off the V-103 website. (Her old WAOK page remains alive with the last entry March 14, 2013. Her personal V-103 page’s last entry was March 6, 2014.)

On Sunday, Ivory posted this on her Instagram with a happy picture of herself:

I feel happy, peaceful and grateful today for all the pieces of my life and this I know for sure! #needtogivethanks #ItsAboutToGetReal #moknows

Based on feedback on this blog, a lot of V-103 listeners found Ivory to be too serious and analytical and ultimately a drag on the show. Her fans appreciated her in-depth reasoning and opinions. But ratings on the show slipped off sharply after Kendra and Mo joined mid-year, leading to the return of Wanda Smith in January.

Ivory, a former attorney with a colorful history, left a talk-show spot on WAOK for the chance to do morning radio with Cameron. (I interviewed her back in June.)

She also shows up regularly on HLN and CNN.

UPDATE 3/11: Ivory’s attorney Donald Woodard said he is talking to CBS today to find out her future there. It’s possible she could return to WAOK.


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