‘Idol’ bits: Daughtry, Lee DeWyze/”Walking Dead,” Ruben Studdard

Lee DeWyze's song was the focal point during the opening and closer for the Bob Stookey storyline on "The Walking Dead" this past Sunday. CREDIT: AMC

Lee DeWyze’s song was the focal point during the opening and closer for the Bob Stookey storyline on “The Walking Dead” this past Sunday. CREDIT: AMC

“Walking Dead” fans heard a song played in the opening scene while Bob Stookey walked all by himself before Glenn and Daryl found him, prior to the prison attack. That song was sung by season 9 “Idol” winner Lee DeWyze called “Blackbird Song.”

DeWyze apparently wrote the song with the show in mind, according to radio.com:

“‘Blackbird Song’ first arrived with a very kind e-mail from Fred Jasper of Welk Music Group,” Golubic tells Radio.com, refering to the parent company of Vanguard Records, the label that DeWyze is signed to. ”Fred was commenting on an interview I had done about the end of ‘Breaking Bad’ [Golubic supervised that show’s music as well] and passed along a download link from Lee DeWyze, mentioning how big a fan Lee was of ‘The Walking Dead’ and that he wrote ‘Blackbird Song’ with ‘The Walking Dead’ in mind. Maybe it was the nice words or the time of day, but as soon as I listened to the song it became clear that this was in ‘The Walking Dead’s wheelhouse and something show-runner Scott Gimple should hear. Scott responded very positively to the song and when it came time to telling Bob Stookey’s back story, ‘Blackbird Song’ turned out to be a fantastic structure to build the opening and closing of the episode.”

More details here.


Daughtry is co-headlining a tour with the Goo Goo Dolls. He makes his debut appearance at Chastain Park Amphithteatre July 11.


“Idol” results show moves to 9 p.m. this Thursday.


Ruben Studdard, recently of ‘The Biggest Loser,” did an extensive interview with AI.com and talked about Atlanta’s Dolvett Quince. He’s down to 335 pounds!

Q: Have you stayed in touch with your “Biggest Loser” trainer, Dolvett Quince?

A: My trainer Dolvett is amazing. The good thing about him is that he isn’t one of those people who does a job and walks away from it. He and I developed a friendship that I didn’t expect. … A lot of times people say, “Oh, we’ll keep up,” but they don’t mean it. Dolvett has most definitely been true to form, guiding me through my process for the whole entire time the show went on. And it paid off. … After the show was over, I lost 120 pounds and I’ve since lost 7 or 8 more pounds since the finale. So whatever he tells me is working.

Here are some notable auditions from “The Voice” Monday:

Kat Perkins has a good rock voice and three of the judges turn for her. She picks Team Adam.

Paula DeAnda had a record contract before and you can see why with the big notes:

Jake Barker does a passable rendition of a Bruno Mars song with falsetto galore:

Ria Eaton totally embellishes the deliciously simple song “Cups” in a way that doesn’t work for me:

A duo: Alaska and Madi do a Civil Wars song. It’s okay.

Ddendyl does “Stand By Me” as if she’s Janis Joplin, all emotive and such. Like “Cups,” I tend to prefer this song simple.

I like this dude Josh Kaufman doing George Michael’s “One More Try.” He goes for Team Adam.

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