‘American Idol’ top 8 results recap: who’s out next?

Will Sam Woolf's difficulties connecting with his audience or the lyrics he's singing do him in tonight? CREDIT: Fox

Will Sam Woolf’s difficulties connecting with his audience or the lyrics he’s singing do him in tonight? CREDIT: Fox

Sam Woolf was the person I called to win this competition five weeks ago before the top 13 live show.

That was a mistake.

He hasn’t lived up to early expectations and has not improved enough to garner a bigger fan base.

Voters have placed him in the bottom three three times and he got the fewest votes this week.

But the  judges used their save for the first and only time this week. So nobody is eliminated.

Did Sam earn the save?

Marginally. His chances of winning over stronger performers such as Jena, Caleb and Alex are slim to none at this stage.

He clearly isn’t ready for this show. He has a great voice but not much else at his age.  He lacks polish and comes off rather dull on the big stage. He isn’t connecting with the audience. He had a hard time funneling proper emotion into his songs. While he  has gotten a bit better over the past five weeks, he hasn’t shown to be more than a pretty voice and a pretty face.

The judges are hoping he improves some more, the way Malaya has, so they gave him a second shot after he sang a decent version of “Babylon.” And she fell into the bottom three, too, along with CJ Harris, who just seems one note. And that note is sharp.

Although CJ was the consensus call for going home, his Southern fans kept him around. The Alabama effect lives on.

Randy Jackson felt Jena, Dexter, Caleb and Jena shone. And all were safe.

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