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‘American Idol’ bits: season 14 auditions with judges begin

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A contestant in Nashville gets to slow dance with Jennifer Lopez in a scene we'll likely see on Fox in five months. CREDIT: Fox

A contestant in Nashville gets to slow dance with Jennifer Lopez in a scene we’ll likely see on Fox in five months. CREDIT: Fox

Harry, Jennifer and Keith showed up in Nashville earlier this week for the first audition site for season 14.

The season 13 contestants are still on tour and already, season 14 is a mere five months away. And “Idol” has released video from the season at the earliest possible moment I’ve ever seen. A contestant ends up slow dancing with J. Lo to the latest torch song by Sam Smith “Stay With Me.” I have a feeling we’ll be hearing that song a few times come January.

The judges talked to press after day one and Harry Connick Jr. was blunt about the talent just being good, not great. “What you really want at the end of the day is to go back to the hotel, and say to each other, ‘You know what, that kid, the one with the purple hair, that kid was amazing.’ You want to get excited,” he told People.

People also talked to Ryan Seacrest about his new line of clothing.

“The fun part for me is getting to put on a great suit,” Seacrest told PEOPLE about putting together the new collection. “I look forward to that every night I host Idol, I love putting on a great suit to go out to dinner, I like wearing them to work. It’s all about putting it on and feeling that sense of confidence you have when you put on something you feel good in.”


PopMatters put together a nice compilation of Michael Johns music. As most of you probably know by now, the season 7 finalist and former Buckhead denizen died this past Saturday. His friends here are still planning a Tin Roof Cantina gathering to commemorate him later this month.


Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are set to host the CMA Awards for a seventh consecutive year on Nov. 5, airing on ABC.

Paisley just released a song “High Life” where he alludes to a copyright violation lawsuit against the writers of his song “Remind Me” (a duet with Underwood.) He even references her name in the song. Underwood provides some background to the song:



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