‘American Idol’ bits: Caleb Johnson debut numbers, Kelli Glover on ‘AGT,’ Kris Allen

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Testify caleb johnsonSeason 13 winner Caleb Johnson’s debut album “Testify” dropped yesterday and HitsDailyDouble projects based on first-day sales that he will sell a mere 9,000 to 11,000 copies. That’s even worse than Candice Glover‘s 19,000 last year.

It would officially be the worst-selling debut of any “Idol” winner to date. Not surprising given how the show has disappeared off the pop culture radar screen and the fact album sales continue to slip away with each subsequent year.

His album is coming out sooner than any other winner in history, less than three months after the finale. Most winner albums debut in the fall.  He wrote or co-wrote eight of the songs, which he recorded before the “Idol” tour started in June. The single will be “Only One,” not “Fighting Gravity,” which he has been singing on tour.

You can read about how it was done here, via USA Today.

“We were really trying to push it and not have every song be a riff-rock song,” he told USA Today. “Every song would incorporate those elements but show different flavors. And not just that, but show my talent as a writer, too.”

Here’s the past first-week sales.

Kelly Clarkson – Thankful – April 15 2003 –  #1 – 297K
Ruben Studdard – Soulful – December 3 2003 – #1 – 417K
Fantasia Barrino – Free Yourself – November 23 2004 – #8 – 240K
Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts – November 15 2005 – #2 – 315K
Taylor Hicks – Taylor Hicks – December 12 2006 – #2 – 298K
Jordin Sparks – Jordin Sparks – November 20 2007 – #10 – 119K
David Cook – David Cook – November 18 2008 – #3 – 280K
Kris Allen – Kris Allen – November 17 2009 – #11 – 80K
Lee DeWyze – Live it Up – November 16 2010 – #19 – 39K
Scotty McCreery – Clear as Day – October 4 2011 – #1 – 197K
Phillip Phillips – TWFTSOTM – November 19 2012- #4 – 169K
Candice Glover – Music Speaks – February 18 2014 – #14 – 19K

If you have a really good memory of season one of “American Idol,” you may remember a semifinalist Kelli Glover who fell just short of making the top 10. She also fell just short of the quarterfinals of “America’s Got Talent” in 2009. This year, she made it to the quarterfinals and will perform next week in the final quarterfinal round.

Here she is from 2002 during the top 20 singing “How Am I Supposed To Love You.” She was pretty good but overdid the runs and sounded a little breathy at points.

A dozen years later, she has straight hair and gets praise from the “AGT” judges. They do a back story with her but conveniently omit her “Idol’ time. “I feel like this is my last shot,” she said.  She decides to go for a well-worn “Idol” song, Whitney Houston‘s “I Have Nothing.” She has matured. She has more control over her instrument than she did in 2002. It’s a top-notch audition. “You’re absolutely incredible,” Mel B said. “Amazing,” Howie said. “You’re just a dream.”

“You have a superb voice,” Howard said.


horizons kris allenSeason 8 winner Kris Allen has his third album coming out next week: “Horizons.” This time, it’s an independent release, which he said naturally means more work for him but also more ownership.

Read more about it in Billboard:

The Aug. 12 release of Horizons promises to be a fulfilling moment for a man who survived a car crash last year. During the head-on collision, Allen’s wrist was broken and as he recovered, he had to re-learn the way he approached making music. The result can be heard throughout Horizons, particularly in his new finger-picking style of guitar playing, which is prominent in the final mixes.

“I’ve been playing with my fingers a lot more because of my wrist,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a different way to play and some of those songs  were written when my hand was in a cast so all I had was my fingers. I think it made me a bit more melodic than just strumming a bunch of chords.”


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