Kim Fields not keen on returning to ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Kim Fields laughing

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kim Fields told the Rickey Smiley morning show Monday that she does not want to do a second season of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Bravo has its cast members on these shows sign seven-year contracts. So it’s really up to Bravo to decide whether she can stay or go. Of course, if she resists enough, Bravo may have no choice but to let her go – or take legal action, a move that almost never happens.

“It feels more like Brett Favre and the Jets. I’m done,” Fields told the morning show, which is heard locally on Hot 107.9. “It was for the experience. I was able to do a genre I’ve been asked to do before and finding a way that made sense for my team and my family. Overall, it was a really great experience.”

Taping begins this summer for the ninth season. Bravo has plenty of time to decide who the cast will be and they’ll often insert new women early on to see if they stick. Speculation is already rife who might replace Fields, with names as off base as Stacey Dash being thrown out there.

Reaction to Fields on the show has been mixed. Kenya Moore said during the reunion show that Fields came across condescending, acting as if she’s above the drama created by the other women. Fields also seemed a bit shy at times during the season but during the reunion show on Sunday, she showed some fire, giving Moore a talking to for her constant interruptions.

Fields also rolled her eyes when Moore tried to compare her career to that of Fields.

She may have decided the single-season exposure on “Real Housewives” was enough to kickstart other aspects of her career e.g. more opportunities to direct, act and produce. It also helped her get her gig on “Dancing With the Stars.” She performed a decent cha cha last night and received solid support from the judges.

Here’s the audio from the Rickey Smiley show:

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