UPDATE: Katt Williams sucker punches a teen who puts him in a choke hold

Katt Williams has added a second Philips Arena show this Sunday a mere five days before the event. CREDIT: publicity photo

Stand-up comic Katt Williams has been getting into perpetual trouble recently. CREDIT: publicity photo

By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com, originally filed Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Stand-up comic Katt Williams obviously has anger issues that are not being addressed.

He’s been arrested numerous times in just the past month in Georgia and elsewhere for violent behavior. TMZ said he was apparently doing something charitable in what was described as “the Atlanta projects” when he punched a seventh grader.

UPDATE 3/25/2016 TMZ appeared to be incorrect on several counts, including location, what they were doing and the age of the person Williams punched. The Daily Mail interviewed Gainesville resident Luke Walsh, who is actually 17. They were playing soccer and he said Williams asked him to punch him. When he didn’t, Williams punched him first. Walsh, a wrestler, then placed him in a choke hold. This explanation is even stranger than what TMZ originally reported!

The video does not show why he punched the kid, who TMZ said was in seventh grade. But what’s amusing is how the kid puts Williams in a choke hold. No cops were called. No arrests were made.

Then again, maybe Williams was just trying to get his “frequent prison” card punched.

Williams, who is popular enough to sell out Philips Arena, is keeping himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

He was arrested for attacking someone in a Gainesville store a month ago. A few days later, he and his security staff was accused of attacking and stealing cell phones from five women in Atlanta.

Then he got into some sort of fracas at a Philadelphia concert.

There were probably other incidents but you get the picture.

And Twitter has got jokes:

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