‘Scandal’ season 5 episode 17 preview: Is Fitz having another child?

ABC/Richard Cartwright

ABC/Richard Cartwright

By JEWEL WICKER/ Jewel.wicker@ajc.com, originally filed Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fitz may be on the way out of the White House, but there is still enough time for a presidential scandal.

Earlier in this season of “Scandal,” Abby was put in charge of Fitz’s sexual affairs. Apparently she wasn’t monitoring the president as well as she thought, however.

Lillian Forrester, the journalist who is responsible for getting Fitz back into the dating scene, may be pregnant with Fitz’s child, according to a sneak peek posted by Entertainment Weekly.

Lillian has been spotted heading into a medical facility several times and Abby seems to believe she knows why.

Fitz seems shocked about the news and bothered by the fact that his team has been spying on Lillian.

“You made that my job when you started dating her and now you’ve knocked her up,” Abby says.

She assures the president that she is positive about the unexpected development in his personal life.

What will Olivia say when she finds out? The gladiator has finally learned how to be friendly with her ex-boyfriend, but this news could certainly hinder any sort of relationship between the two.

Will this affect the upcoming election?

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