11Alive buyouts confirmed: Keith Whitney, Kevin Rowson, Donna Lowry

Donna Lowry

Donna Lowry has been with 11 Alive since 1986.

By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com, originally filed Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Multiple sources from inside 11 Alive have told me that three veteran journalists are taking a buyout: Keith Whitney, Kevin Rowson and Donna Lowry.

Collectively, the three have worked there 75 years.

The deal was offered to Tegna employees nationwide 55 and older with at least 15 years at the company. They were given two weeks for every year employed with Tegna.

Whitney anchors weekend newscasts and has been with the station for about 23 years. Rowson has been part of WXIA-TV since 1994. Lowry, who specializes in education, arrived at 11Alive in 1986.

Keith Whitney

Kevin Rowson

Bill Liss, who joined 11 Alive in 1989, was eligible but chose not to take the offer.

Jon Shirek (who came in 1980) and Jerry Carnes (who arrived in 1988) were not offered the buyout but have been one-man bands and shooting their own stuff for several years.

At least four photographers and a couple of others in the office also opted for the buyout. TV stations are employing more folks who are able to shoot their own stories without a photographer.

There is a retirement party scheduled for the end of the month.

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