‘Scandal’ season 5 finale: Will Jake remain under Rowan’s command?

ABC/Kevin Estrada

ABC/Kevin Estrada

Jake needs help.

In last week’s episode of “Scandal,” Olivia’s former lover, Jake, asks her other ex-boyfriend, Edison, to deliver a message.

“Tell Liv I need her help,” Jake said in last week’s episode, titled “Trump Card.” “Tell her I want to escape. Tell her I’m chasing the sun.”

Entertainment Weekly posted a preview clip from the season 5 finale, titled “That’s My Girl.” In the video, Edison tells Olivia about Jake’s cry for help and seems surprised when Olivia implies that she might not step in to save Jake.

“He’s your father’s prisoner, Liv,” Edison says. “[He’s] his puppet. Just like I was.”

Remember, Olivia’s father threatened to slit Jake’s throat if Olivia goes anywhere near him.

Will Jake remain under Rowan’s command or will Olivia step in and endanger his life in an attempt to save him?

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