‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ recap (season 5, episode 12): K. Michelle is baaaack

Joseline argues with Stevie J yet again over her contract. CREDIT: VH1

Joseline argues with Stevie J yet again over her contract. CREDIT: VH1

By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com, originally filed Monday, May 16, 2016

It took seven episodes for K. Michelle to return on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” tonight and without a trace of humility and grace. Would you expect anything less? Her return to Atlanta from New York, she said, will be packed with an “I told you so” attitude to her (many) haters.

That’s what actual success in the music business will do, including No. 1 songs and three albums. (She is performing the Fabulous Fox Theatre May 21!)

On the show, she said she’d like to hold an album release party and invite the ladies back. While Karlie Redd and Joseline Hernandez are cool with her, nobody else is. She had run-ins with Rasheeda Frost and Mimi Faust before she left town a couple years ago. So when Karlie offered Mimi an invite, she handed it to Jessica Dime (who hadn’t been invited), who ripped it up.

“They’re scared of you and jealous of you,” Karlie said.

K. Michelle is clearly here to jimmy up more drama down the road.

But there are plenty of other Mona Scott Young-approved story lines to mull over:

Here we go again: The on-and-off relationship between Stevie J and Joseline is now seemingly off again.

They are repeating old habits. Joseline is back in Atlanta creating unnecessary drama, throwing shade at Karlie and Karen KK King and bringing agent Dawn Heflin back into the mix. Stevie J is rapidly becoming disillusioned with Joseline’s craziness. So he comes up with a ridiculous plan.

Home again? Stevie J goes to his baby’s mama Mimi and asks to stay with her for a few days. What? Can’t he stay in a hotel?  “You know what kind of havoc this could cause?” Mimi warned him. But she is smart enough to say yes because she can smell future conflict and she is always very calculated about how to maintain her place on the show.

The fallout: her girlfriend Chris Gould is not going for this and can you blame her? She feels Mimi needs to deal with her baby daddy drama without her. So Chris leaves. Aww… Chris. Of all these characters, you seemed too… normal and level-headed. We will miss you!

New combo: Scrapp de Leon has a girlfriend (Tammie) and a baby mama (Tiarra), both of whom he sleeps with. So why not hit on Karlie, too? They end up kissing. This is guaranteed to turn ugly soon when Tommie and Karen find out.

Scrappy’s turn: Scrappy is now hitting on Jessica Dime now that his ex Bambi is dating this dude Chaz Gotti. Jessica can’t help but tell Bambi at Mimi’s birthday party and they get into a minor verbal scuffle. It all feels very rote for this show. Bambi didn’t turn it up enough. More energy! Better insults!

Taking advice from… her? It’s weird to watch Joseline advise Tommie to just simmer down now and stop being so messy. Tommie admits she’s in a lousy mindset and is drinking too much. Where did that sudden vulnerability come from?


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