‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ recap (‘Lovers or Friends?’): season 5, episode 12

Joseline seems to be "moving on" from Stevie J. CREDIT; VH1

Joseline seems to be “moving on” from Stevie J. CREDIT; VH1

By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com, originally filed Monday, June 27, 2016

Now that Stevie J has told the world his marriage to Joseline Hernandez was fake, fake, fake, he feels free to do what he wants to do. And she is, too.

At least for the time being. Give it a few months. They’ll be back together again.

For now, Mimi Faust, caught in the middle, is shocked that Stevie never bothered to tell her the truth. “You will not disrespect me!” she tells the cameras.

He tries to soften things up with Mimi since she let him stay at her pad.

“At end of the day, I’m sorry,” he tells her. He says he wanted to build Joseline’s brand up by going along with the marriage charade. “I’m sorry you had to hear it about it this way.”

Now that Joseline has been messing with Stevie J in multiple ways, he decided it was time to air the truth on the radio, of all places.

“It made her happy to be married,” he says. “Now I see this disrespect, I don’t want none of that.”

Joseline meets up with Tommie, Scrapp De Leon’s ex. To make Scrapp jealous, she told him that she was interested in Stevie J. And she told Joseline this as well. “I”m not upset she’s a whore,” says sweet Joseline to the cameras. Instead, she decides she’d be willing to do the job for her. “We can do the girl thing,” Tommie says. And they do it off camera, supposedly.

Stevie J decides to work with Jessica Dime despite some tension in the past. “He says he wants to talk business,” she says. “I hope he’s willing to work with someone with real talent.” Sas, Scrapp de Leon’s brother, is also there.

“I know Dime can rap and she has nice curves,” Stevie says.

So they will work together. But will they play together, too?


In other storylines:

Matchmaker, matchmaker: Momma Dee is trying to set up her now single son Scrappy with Betty Idol. They do make a cute couple! Apparently, Betty is willing to forgive Scrappy for his negative comments about transgender people last week.

Another jailbird? Karlie Redd  sure likes troublemakers. She recently slept with Scrapp de Leon right before he entered prison for marijuana trafficking. (She even visited him in prison with Scrapp’s mom Karen “KK” King.) Then comic Katt Williams showed up at Karlie’s birthday party. “I don’t know what they’ve got going on but they sure look cozy together,” Jessica Dime observed.

On the rocks: Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka appear to be breaking up. “He wants to do right but certain things, me as a woman, I’m not going to accept. I know for a fact he’s not faithful,” Tammy told Bambi, Lil Scrappy’s ex. “I know my worth and what I deserve.”

Bro code? What bro code? Yung Joc slept with Amber. Amber had been dating J Nicks, the radio DJ. He feels a bit guilty and plans to tell J Nicks. Yung Joc’s justification for breaking the “bro code”: “Everyone wears rubbers. We be good.” J Nicks is peeved at Amber anyway and begins dating Tiarra, Scrapp de Leon’s ex. What a tangled web we weave!

Stupid rumor of the day: MediaFakeOut (that’s what I call it and the site doesn’t deserve a link) says VH1 fired the entire cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” Right. That’s about as likely to happen s Joseline and Stevie J being cast on “Game of Thrones.”

Next week: Momma Dee puts a tracking device on her husband. Rasheeda says her daughter isn’t ready to be signed. Stevie J and Joseline finally confront each other. And Mimi is peeved, too.

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