‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ recap: season 5, episode 13 (A threesome anybody?)

Mimi season 5

By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com, originally filed Monday, July 4, 2016

Is there anything more patriotic than recapping “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” on Independence Day?

Yes, plenty. But I have a declaration of reality show dependence. Every week, I recap this show’s mix of drama and absurdity, holidays or not. (Okay, I lie. When I was in Asia, I did skip two weeks of recaps earlier this season.)

Tonight features serious shenanigans between our favorite on-again off-again couple Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez.

Joseline has been the one playing the most games this season, creating fake drama, most notably falsely accusing Stevie J of having two baby mamas.

Stevie J is fed up. He and Joseline are in Los Angeles for Grammy week. He brings Jessica Dime with him, partly to get Joseline’s hackles up. He fails.

Instead, at a Tony Rock comedy show where Mimi Faust, Tommie Lee, Karlie Redd are at, Stevie J shows up with Dime, upsetting Mimi instead of Joseline. Last year, Mimi was trying to be an agent and attempted to get Stevie J interested in Dime. He rejected her entreaties. Now he’s hanging out with Dime! Betrayal!

Last week, he didn’t bother to tell her that his so-called marriage to Joseline was not real. So far, he has a knack for apologizing to Mimi, who gets mad but ultimately forgives.

Stevie J says he honestly didn’t mean to upset Mimi with this Dime nonsense.

“I didn’t reach out to piss Mimi off,” he says. “I wanted to show Joseline who the boss is.”

Mimi is vulnerable yet again. “You did some damage that can never be repaired ever,” Mimi says to Stevie, crying as he wipes away her tears. “Your words mean nothing to me! You have to start showing me actions! Don’t play me again!”

But he will, Mimi, he will.

Later, Joseline asks Stevie J to meet her for dinner. They hadn’t seen each other in weeks.

He wonders if she is enjoying their temporary time off.

“I love it better separated,” Joseline claims.

He is upset that she was seen being a wee bit too cozy with producer Rick Ross. She denies anything is happening.

Stevie J is willing to forgive and forget: “We have only 95, 100 years on this earth. Can we just hug it out and keep it moving?”

They seem ready to kiss and make up but Joseline is being her usual Machiavellian self.

“Stevie is so weak over me,” she crows to the cameras. “When you see all this perfection, can you blame him?”

She brings Tommie – Scrapp de Leon‘s girl – in. She’s dresses scantily. Joseline implies a threesome.

Stevie J, who is close with Scrapp’s family, is usually game for things like this but he can’t buy into this one.

“Joseline has a lot of loose marbles in her head,” Stevie J says. “This is weird, man. She can definitely manipulate… Somethin’ ain’t right. Two loonies!”

He begs off even after Joseline strips down to nothing.

Other storylines:

Don’t trust- and verify: Momma Dee thinks her hubby Ernest is cheating on her. So she places a tracker on his phone. What does she find? He is meeting with Rasheeda’s mom Sherleen, who is trying to become a therapist. He wants advice. Momma Dee shows up and gets all peeved. She feels resentment that he isn’t making enough money to help the “queen.” He just got out of prison and I’m sure his ability to earn mondo bucks is limited. She clearly needs to show a bit more empathy for his situation. “I love Ernest and all but he needs to start taking care of me and his own d*** life,” she said.

Speaking of resentment… Kelsie, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost‘s daughter, is still mad that they won’t sign her to their record label. And she’s even madder that they signed a new artist, who is going to live with them and even work at Rasheeda’s clothing store. Rasheeda feels her daughter isn’t ready maturity wise and her behavior only amplifies that.

Airtime! Cee Lo Green makes his first appearance on “Love and Hip Hop,” meeting with Betty Idol and D. Smith. “I’m transitioning from male to female. It’s been gratifying and challenging at the same time,” D. Smith said. Cee Lo: “I empathize a great deal. It’s natural to me to embrace people who are different or unique.”

Give me liberity – or give me Lyfe: Karlie is in some sort of “open” relationship with Lyfe Jennings. She hears from Dime that he’s married. She confronts him. He surprises her by offering a ring – for her! She “faints” dramatically. You know, she has the “vapors!”

K Michelle who? Why is she even considered a “full time” cast member when she is hardly on the show? Do they have her name on the masthead simply because she’s now an artist big enough to headline the Fabulous Fox Theatre?


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