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Elvis Duran’s final day on Power 96.1 is Feb. 11

3:22 pm Feb. 10, 2014

Elvis Duran’s syndicated morning show out of New York will have its final day on Atlanta’s top 40 station Power 96.1 Tuesday morning, the syndicator confirmed to me today.

Duran, 49,  himself made the announcement Monday

First hour of the new Elvis Duran morning show on Groove 105.7

11:48 pm Jan. 11, 2010

I have listened to bits and pieces of the Elvis Duran morning show when I’ve visited New York over the years but now we in Atlanta get to hear him every day on Groove 105.7 thanks to the magic of syndication. He will air from 6 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

He debuted this morning at 6 a.m.. Early observations: the show is very high energy, and there are a lot of