‘Southside’ Steve Rickman gets married

9:28 pm Jan. 26, 2014

An event many thought never would happen actually did: “Southside” Steve Rickman got married Saturday at Country Club of the South in Johns Creek before 150 friends and family.

The Regular Guys radio host met nutritionist

Publicity stunt du jour: Sebas of Regular Guys messes with media by pretending to burn a Quran

7:37 am Sep. 14, 2010

In a stunt that aimed at the absurdity of the media coverage of the issue, Rock 100.5’s Regular Guys’ Sebastian “Sebas” Daskawicz-Davis pretended to try to burn a Quran in front of cops at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla. on September 11. (Pastor Terry Jones, the head of Dove World, in the end, did not hold his “Burn the Quran” day.)

According to the Gainesville Sun, Sebas’

Regular Guys lose their Dallas gig

2:51 pm Sep. 2, 2009

Rock 100.5 The Regular Guys’ short-lived experiment with syndication is over.

It’s not really their fault. The rock station in Dallas at 93.3 (called in recent months as Quality Rock 93.3) has simply switched formats. Rumors are jazz or R&B or even FM sports. Its ratings were pretty pitiful, ranking 37th among Dallas radio stations in July overall.

The Regular Guys show went to a two-city set up in April. It meant