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‘Southside’ Steve Rickman is a daddy!

1:46 pm May. 4, 2017

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Yes, it actually happened.

Long-time ladies man and Rock 100.5 morning host “Southside” Steve Rickman settled down a few years

‘Southside’ Steve Rickman becoming a dad

11:37 am Oct. 7, 2016

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His boys can swim!

Long-time radio personality “Southside” Steve Rickman, at age 52, is going to be a father.

“We planned this,” he said in an interview today.

‘Southside’ Steve Rickman gets married

9:28 pm Jan. 26, 2014

An event many thought never would happen actually did: “Southside” Steve Rickman got married Saturday at Country Club of the South in Johns Creek before 150 friends and family.

The Regular Guys radio host met nutritionist