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‘The Walking Dead’ recap season 5 debut

10:00 pm Oct. 12, 2014

Welcome to paradise!

That’s not how one would begin any “Walking Dead” recap, especially this one. This is more like “Escape From Alcatraz.” Or more specifically, “Escaprecape From Terminus.” (This begs the question: why venture to

AMC renews ‘The Walking Dead’ for a sixth season

1:11 pm Oct. 7, 2014

Even before AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead” has debuted its fifth season, the network has given the zombie drama a guaranteed sixth season.

From an economic standpoint, this makes total sense. The show is the No. 1

‘The Walking Dead’ trailer for season 5

9:08 am Jul. 26, 2014

AMC’s insanely popular “The Walking Dead” returns October 12 for a fifth season.  And at Comic Con, viewers got to see an intense trailer which was then posted on YouTube yesterday.

As folks who follow the